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We always think one step ahead

"GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT" is focused on developing and manufacturing non infringing generic medicines in Europe and has he intellectual property to cover a broad portfolio of generic and niche products. 

Our product development expertise has lead to formulation advancements which have expanded the applications of our technologies platform to enable formulations that can enhance the product safety in multiple ways. Global Development has he intellectual property to cover a broad portfolio of generic and niche products.

The Global Development team consists of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, with a wide range of academic competence and solid experience in global generic market as well as of interacting with the various regulatory authorities worldwide
The company covers the full range from single-center to multi-national projects, offering professional Management and services for International - National pharmaceutical companies.

At Global Development, we are highly aware of our clients need to cut timelines and be cost-effective when bringing an  investigational product up for registration. We execute and support the registration procedures in all worldwide countries, with experienced native-speaking experts handling all regulatory and ethical submissions, as well as we provide local monitoring services and support on-site. This together with an excellent network of local investigators will speed up the regulatory processes, as well as facilitating communication. 

We are proud that many well-known pharmaceutical companies are placing their trust in us. Their trust is earned due to our expert services. Together with our clients we always think one step ahead to develop innovative concepts and solutions

We are committed to putting our market know-how to work for you. Through the years we’ve learned a lot – from the industry, from the global marketplace and from the customers we serve. Today, our accumulated knowledge helps our customers in the Balkans area to achieve success.

We adhere to the highest standards in everything we do from new product sourcing to development, regulatory compliance and product delivery.  We take a holistic approach to the customer experience and strive to anticipate customer needs at every touch point. Members of our global sales team know every aspect of their markets, which they share with our customers to help position them for success. Our partnership continues in the commercial phase where we support customers in the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry.

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